Thursday, 16 June 2011

River Arun Pollution Incident South of Horsham

The County Times are reporting that a two mile stretch of the Arun has been polluted to the south of Horsham. Unless they're being very creative with this description, it doesn't take a lot to work out the area likely to be affected. The Environment Agency are onsite investigating.

This could be catastrophic to wildlife around the river. It's an important Brown Trout and Grayling breeding ground. Kingfishers, Grey Wagtails, Herons and other water birds feed here. I await further details...

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  1. No confirmation as yet, but it's certainly looking like the Sewage works at Christ's Hospital is indeed the likely source.

  2. Been away for a few days Chris. I will keep my ears and eyes open on this one.

  3. It's gone from a two mile stretch to seven miles! You have to wonder about the potential effects downstream at Pulborough Brooks, Arundel and the like. A lot of fish (and no doubt other, unreported river dwellers that rely on oxygenated water) just got taken out of the food chain.

    If they were still harbouring hopes of otters in the Arun, that possibility must have been put back years. Some good news for anglers then...

  4. No Otters is not good news for Anglers, they will not bother us. However i would ask just what we pay £27.00 per year Rod Licence for, the Agency will, perhaps containe the pollution. Nothing else will be done, there will be no fish for the anglers but they will still be expected to buy a rod licence. The agency do nothing at all for anglers, nothing, they are a waste of space.