Friday, 10 June 2011

Andy Rouse Fieldcraft @ BWC

Fox_07, originally uploaded by Christopher Mills.
I've been struggling of late to find the time to get out with the camera. When I have managed it, there's been precious little to shoot!

On Tuesday I attended a course led by Pro Wildlife Photographer Andy Rouse at the British Wildlife Centre near East Grinstead. I can't recommend Andy's courses enough - it's a brilliant insight into the methods he uses and really makes you appreciate the effort behind his work. Throw in some amusing anecdotes, advice on camouflage, hides and his thoughts on ethics - and it was worth every penny. I came away with plenty of ideas on how to improve my photography and a list of kit that I need to convince 'er indoors is an investment!

After the theory we spent a couple of hours shooting the captive inhabitants at the BWC. Not normally my thing, but with time at a premium right now I'll take whatever I can. I have managed to stick my head in on the Kestrels at Woods Mill, they have five chicks (the same as last year) and appear to be doing well. Sussex Wildlife Trust have installed a camera in the box and are regularly posting footage of them, which is lovely to see.

The second Kingfisher brood should be near fledging at Loder Valley now. I might brave the traffic heading to the South of England Show tomorrow and see what is occurring...

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