Saturday, 11 December 2010

Another Dog Attack at Chesworth

Yet again, following the attack on a cow a few weeks back, a dog walker has been unable to control their pet(s) at Chesworth Farm. This time a pair of rare Hebridean Sheep are the unfortunate victims. These incidents are reported because the grazing animals are owned by someone - how many wild animals are harassed, injured or killed by dogs at Chesworth? We'll never know, although I have heard of deer being killed and have personally witnessed a Staffordshire Bull Terrier chasing a fox. Fortunately, the fox escaped on that occasion. And don't get me started on the amount of s*** that I have to clean off my shoes that selfish dog owners can't be bothered to clean up, or worse still the plastic bags left hanging from hedges and posts containing mutt excrement. It's high time that Horsham District Council recognised the value of the habitat on the farm to wildlife and (at the very least) insist dogs should be kept on the lead, possibly banning them altogether from certain areas. There are many other places within the locality that dogs can be exercised (the A24 immediately springs to mind!).

Personally, I believe that dogs should be kept on SHORT leads in ANY location that they are likely to come in to contact with wildlife (in fact, save for working dogs, I don't understand the need to own one at all - pointless creatures that serve nothing except human emotions). Quite simply, if you don't have sufficient provision on your own property to exercise the animal, be prepared to keep it under close control whenever you leave the house.

Rant over!


  1. Here! Here! Did you know it is against the law to let a dog off the lead during the months that ground breeding birds are active. I think it is May, June and July. I pointed this out to the head warden and he flatly refused to enforce it because it would upset the dog walkers. That's my rant over.

  2. Given that there is such a diverse range of habitats in a relatively small area, I wonder if Chesworth Farm might be a candidate for designation as an SSSI? Then HDC would be forced to take such matters more seriously...

    And yes, I am still awake at this silly hour due to my efforts to find out how this could be accomplished!