Sunday, 17 October 2010

Petworth Deer

Fallow Stags Having a Slight Disagreement!

This morning I decided to pay my first visit to Petworth Park. I've heard about the Fallow Deer that reside on the National Trust land and figured that this was as good a time as any to see for myself. I hoped that there might be some rutting going on, but wasn't really expecting much conflict. All accounts I've seen to describe Fallow rutting indicated more pontificating and running away than serious action... How wrong could I be! Granted, it wasn't wall-to-wall, no holds barred fighting to the death, but plenty to keep me going. I eventually had to call home and grovel for forgiveness as I plainly wasn't going to meet my 2pm deadline - I was having too much fun!

But breaking the curfew has a price - I've had little time to review the morning's efforts. Initial impressions are that whilst I've got some decent shots, composition needs some work and I really needed 1/1000 upwards for the rutting. Exposing correctly for the contrasting dark brown and white colouring of the animals was also a challenge - especially in bright sunlight with heavy background shadows. I'll go through them in ernest tomorrow night and get the best of them on Flickr.

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