Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Ozzie2, originally uploaded by Christopher Mills.

I've finally found (and got a picture of!) one of my favourite Raptors. The Osprey is a magnificent bird, specialised in catching fish and therefore most likely to be seen near the coast or large inland lakes. It is quite often referred to as a hawk - but this is incorrect. The Osprey is, in fact, the only member of the Osprey family. It is vaguely similar to a Buzzard (particularly the Honey Buzzard, with a lighter underside than it's Common cousin) in size and appearance.

This was a fleeting encounter at Weir Wood near East Grinstead. She circled over the West End of the Reservoir a couple of times before diving and pulling out a rather large trout, which she then carried off over the trees and into the distance. I could have done with a little more light - this was taken at around 7am with the sun still to rise above the trees - and have had to increase the exposure and lighten shadows in Photoshop somewhat. But it's an Osprey - so who cares! I don't know how long she'll hang around before she heads for the continent, hopefully another couple of weeks or so. If not, it's another one to look out for next year...

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  1. Nice one Chris, a pair has been in that area for a couple of weeks now. You have had better luck than me.