Friday, 27 August 2010

Snetterton Touring Cars... At last!

                                                        Jason Plato - RML Silverline

It's taken a while, but I've finally got around to sorting out my BTCC images from three weeks ago.

When I arrived at the circuit at 7.30am the skies were grey, the rain was falling and it generally looked like being one of those days were light would be at a premium. I set up accordingly, begrudgingly leaving the Circular Polarizer (which helps negate light reflecting off bodywork and windows) and setting out with the 1.4 TC on the 300mm lens, with 1.7 stashed in the pocket in case it brightened up a bit... How wrong can you be. Once in position at the Esses, move and you're going to be struggling to find a decent spot - so when the sky cleared and made way for bright sunshine, it was bad news. For motorsport, unless you're lucky enough to catch a smash or other incident that requires a fast shutter speed, you really want to be below 1/400th of a second. You also want a wide aperture to blur out the background as much as possible, otherwise you're freezing the wheels and end up with a bundle of shots of cars that looked parked and a background that takes the eye away from the main subject. Realistically, you're always going to struggle to achieve the ideal shots in bright sun without the aid of Neutral Density filters - which at present I don't own. So this made leaving the CP behind a bad choice, which cost me the ability to get down an extra couple of stops.

By the time Race 2 came around, the position of the sun was against me. Reflections can kill car shots and without a media pass, you're very limited as to where you can get the necessary angles. Thankfully Snetterton is one of the better circuits for this - had it been Thruxton I doubt I'd have come away with anything I was happy with. Even so, I'm still tutting at the schoolboy error of leaving the CP behind... It shows the importance of planning your day properly and taking the right kit with you.

The image attached to this post is Jason Plato, who had a pretty good weekend, cutting the high kerb at the Esses (probably getting a bone-crunching bump on the way down). Click on it to get to my Flickr and see the best of the rest from my day out in Norfolk....

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