Saturday, 24 July 2010

What... No Owls?

Well, tonight was a a bit of a write-off. With no sign of the Owls at 9pm I was starting to think they may have been fed in the afternoon and consequently were having a bit of a lay-in. Finally, there was the familiar screeching from the tree (Barn Owls do not "twit-twoo", that's the Tawny Owl - and strictly speaking you're more likely to hear the "twoo" bit on it's own) and two of the owlets emerged. This in itself was a little odd - on past form when one is awake they're all up and calling to be fed. But there was a surprise in store..

The adult male appeared some 20 minutes later, followed soon by the oldest female owlet. It seems she is now roosting with dad away from the nest. In normal circumstances she'd soon be off, but with the adult female still unaccounted for she may well stay. She's not been seen for six weeks now. The optimist in me hopes she is sitting on the next brood; though I fear she may no longer be around. Sadly, Barn Owls have a high mortality rate and rarely live beyond 3 years in the wild.

The tardy appearance of the Owls meant no (usable) pictures of them tonight - instead I've posted up my first Bullfinch shot that I took yesterday morning. And what a handsome bird it is.

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  1. Chris - you are getting better! These look awesome. Must be nice to have the time to study them, and be out in the countryside! By the way, still want you to come and do some snaps of my paintings.

    Paul F