Wednesday, 28 July 2010

More light, please

Panning is so much easier with cars...

It's been a fascinating few days. The young Barn Owlets are well - all five of them. To be perfectly honest I really wasn't expecting to see them all still alive, their tendency to flounder in the grass can't have escaped the attention of the foxes, who are but a stone's throw away. The two eldest of the brood are now roosting elsewhere, returning to the nest each evening shortly after dad to get their dinner. Number one is looking in fine shape and is regularly perching on posts and making lunges into the grass, although I have still yet to see her make a kill. If she has anything like her dad's hunting prowess she has a very good chance of surviving her first winter - statistically, four out of the five won't. But I have a good feeling about these Owls, there is enough food to support at least two of them in the locality and relatively few hazards. A mild winter would be a bonus.

From the photographer's perspective, decent shots have been hard to come by. The combination of dark clouds and late-showing Owls have been beyond my D300's ability to get anything like the shots of the previous week. I've taken to panning at down to 1/30 - if nothing else it's good practice for Snetterton in a couple of weeks time!

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